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Jersey auction 

That's right. With purchase of new varsity jerseys this season, we're breaking with club tradition and auctioning off North Shores solid purple jerseys. Now you can have your very own jersey! 

Recruiting #1 priority

North Shore Rugby aspires to be the premier high school rugby program in Minnesota. We’re building a strong, high scoring, leave your impression on your opponent type of rugby team, and we’re looking for motivated Twin Ports area high school athletes to join us!

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Just come out to practice and we’ll teach you everything you need to know. There is a position and place for everyone! 

Nick Schimenek

Coming off injury from last season, Nick is quite the dedicated rugby player. Having studied with UMD rugby while injured, Nick will be a leader on the pitch and a leader in rugby knowledge. 

Aadi Hand

Aadi is a senior this year and leader on the team. He's proven to be deceptively agile, fast and incredibly durable!

Christian Pettit

One of the more senior players at North Shore Rugby, Christian has energy, strength, tackling and handling skills as a top flanker in the league - an all-rounder!

North Shore Rugby is a U19 club established in 2002. The club consists of athletes from numerous high schools in the Twin Ports area, grades 9-12. North Shore has:

  • Boys Varsity & JV 
  • In 2017, trying to start-up Girls Varsity & JV 
  • 8 game season followed by state tournament 
  • Consistently one of the top three teams in the state. 

North Shore Rugby is a proud member of Minnesota Youth Rugby (state governing body), which is a member of USA Rugby (national governing body). USA Rugby is a Full Sport Member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and the International Rugby Board (IRB).

In 2016, North Shore ruggers earned 12 spots on the Minnesota Youth Rugby Selects team attending the 2016 Rocky Mountain Rugby Challenge – five came home with “man-of-the-match” medals. 

player spotlight

Ben Hooghkirk

The most senior player on the team, Ben has a solid knowledge of the game. He's hands down one of the top forwards in the league with power to crash up the middle all day!